Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Hectic Week

This past Monday I started a new job - Edward Jones - and have been studying for the Series 7 exam (12+ hours a day). Leilani has been very sweet and supportive. She is committed to helping me be successful with Edward Jones, and for that I am indebted to working towards improving the quality of our life together.

Today, it was just a Leilani and Shawn day - spending quality time together. I told her this week Sunday was all hers, and we really enjoyed the day. We went to look for her a nice camera to use in an art class she's taking. Cameras are not cheap...especially the kind she was looking for. I did happen to take a look at some HDTV's while at Best Buy and Sears. Now, I am sure everybody knows how expensive the suckers can be. I am also sure with a few new 100k Edward Jones accounts signed up I would be able to swing it. Well, that is the plan. Anyway, I am committed to being flexible with work and my family time. Thus, I may work 70 hours a week with EDJ, but I will always make time for my penguin and Bushy a.k.a Bully.

Snow days in the NC

It snowed a few inches about a week before Christmas. It was pretty but I made the mistake of going out to the grocery store during the snow. Luckily, Shawn was coming around the corner where I was stuck on a hill. I am determined to master snow driving! We don't really get snow days....
What is funny are the piles of dirty ice in parking lots and shady areas still all over town.

Papa Shawn is outfitting Bully with snowboots.

He's already over it.

Papa laughs at Bully's expense.

Is that a Llama? With boots?

Picture perfect. That's Buster on the right, Shawn's mother's dog.

Monday, January 4, 2010

One month.

Happy Anniversary, Shawn!

We had lunch with a couple, Al & Cindy, that will celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary  on wednesday. We mentioned our one month, to which Al replied, "that'll get old real quick."
I know!  Are you tired of us yet?

Happy New Year to our dearests!

Photo by Nikki Lefaive, New Year's Eve 2009
Ok, 2009 was a tough year for some. Despite the recession & wars, however, I would like to say that personally, it was a good year. We know it would be. We stuck to our plans, and it was!

I just know that it will only get better. My Hubbs and I are excited to realize our dreams and plans. As he starts with Edward Jones tomorrow, we believe as we have heard many times, that a LOT of hard work and sacrifice lies ahead.

I did a design project entitled, "Who do you Love?" It was a mural proposal on some old building.
My thoughts were that if you stopped and thought about who it is that you love, maybe you will be less likely to hate in that moment or in the coming moments.  Maybe if someone saw this painted across a building on off the highway, and got cut off by another car the next minute, that someone will think before the road rage emerges. Maybe if we think about who we love for a moment, we can directly improve the outcomes of our days.

I know about 5 other couples that got married or engaged, or found out sweet baby news in 2009.
So much love around us!

This year will be better. And we are ready!

Ok, I have become way to sappy...