Monday, June 21, 2010

Honeymoon series; Vol.1

 We finally took a vacation, six months after we were married. This was a weekend reserved for an EJ trip that didn't work out and I insisted that we do something "honeymoon-like." We went to Wilmington and beached at Fort Fisher.

  Then I got this crazy idea: why don't we do a series of honeymoons? For the amount of time and money that most people honeymoon, we can take several short trips to different places. I suggested a minimum of five weekend trips to different places within a year and a half of our marriage (I'm extending our newlywed status for six months because we just now took a trip). I like the idea of seeing many places and spreading it out in time. I've heard stories of people trying to cram too much in to their destination honeymoon and just end up the opposite of relaxed. This is great for us, being between jobs (Shawn) and career changes (me, for the past 4 years!).  I'm thinking of seeing a new city's nightlife, checking out a cabin in the mountains, and a winery with a bed & breakfast. We don't have to go far yet, as long as its not a staycation. Just another crazy twist on tradition for the new Whitmires...One day, I'll show him Europe and the Philippines and one day he'll show me Madagascar and Australia.

  This particular beach trip was just a starter trip. We invited friends and brought Bully, so it wasn't just Shawn and me. We stayed in a cheap motel that allows dogs and packed our lunches.  It was fun and we got some couple time before our friends Brian & Chrissy met us down after a day. Shawn & I had a really good dinner at the Riverboat Landing in downtown Wilmington, with our own private balcony. This was Bully's first beach trip, and well, let's just say that he prefers mountains and trails. I think he thinks of the ocean as a giant bath. He was reluctant to go further into the ocean and didn't realize that he might be able to swim. He did enjoy running away from the waves, though. I'm just glad we could show this to him.

Just look at all our hijinks':

Sweet  Sand Couch!
It's been a dream of his.
At Mixto, Downtown Wilmington
One tuckered out Bully Wooly.
signing out y'all!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Cake Tasting!

 This past Friday we had our cake consultation at Maxie B's in Greensboro. I pretty much know I was getting my cake from this little local bakery, no questions about it. They have amazing cakes and the best buttercream frosting I've ever had.  I've tried most flavors on previous visits and have filled my slice card once. I am two more cupcakes away from a free one.
So its only natural....

I got to play with my cake fantasies here. I speak in singular because Shawn really could not have been less interested. I'm pretty sure an hour and a half of talking about cakes and cost really pushed his tolerance of uninteresting (to him) matters. I, on the other hand made some rad decisions. I believe a good cake is one of the three most important elements of a reception (or any meal for that matter), the other two being delicious food and drink.  I decided not to have other desserts but a satellite set up of a few different cakes and cupcakes. They will complement the candy bar I will set up.

We picked four flavors and I'll go ahead and tell you now. I won't be ruining any surprise here because you haven't tasted them yet. We picked:
                    Chocolate Sin Cake (chocolate w/chocolate almond frosting),  
                   Five flavor pound cake
                   Italian Cream Cake
                    and Pineapple Coconut
We ate ourselves into a sugar coma. Shawn then started to get irritable and wouldn't let me take the rest home. I only let him exercise this decision because I've made him my personal trainer, though I made it clear that it was a sad waste of cake and if I craved cake this week, I will just go get some. Then we went home and crashed. I actually don't think I'll have those cravings for a while.
                                                             oh yeah.

He's thinking I'm insane to spend a good few hundred dollars on cake.

But its all for you and us, so we will let ourselves eat it and love every bite!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Six months and still going strong!

Yesterday was our six month anniversary. We like celebrating the little things.

I left it up to the Hubbs to plan the evening. He made me a nice dinner, to which I was glad to come home after a long work day. He made Chicken Sicily, served with mashed potatoes. He paired it with a nice Marlborough sauvignon blanc. Oooh, let's not forget the salad that he cut from our garden!
 mmm...stuffed  with sundried tomatoes, pesto & feta

After dinner, it was Ice cream and movie night. We saw Date Night, with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. There was a point in the movie when Steve Carrell asked Tina Fey if she can trust him to accomplish a task, and I turned to Shawn and asked, " Am I like this?" I can be a little
intense. Hey, at least I know I am not alone!

I was speaking to my mommy this morning and she asked about my garden. Here's some pics so you can see what we're growing ma:
The romaine of our labor

Our green beans.

 The gladiola bulbs that are bout two weeks old

more gladiolas & African daisies (i think)

Sweet and Lemon Basil
marigolds, okra, and gladiolas
Thats mint, to the left of the bull

a pot of cucumber
and this is not a plant, but rather some delicious sangria I am enjoying while writing this ;)

We also have spinach and sunflowers but they were not picture worthy.

And a posting is not complete without some new Bully Wooly pics:

aw! a miss!
we love you anyway.

Love, US.

Updates from the Whitmires

So I've made some progress on some reception stuff. Whew. Lots more to go. But now we have:

1. Made a deposit for the venue,
2. Almost Finished guest list,
3. Bought paper for invites & RSVPs,
4. Made a deposit to the caterer: Maria's,
5. Scheduled a cake consultation for next Friday: Maxie B's
6.Researched ideas for decor & tablescapes,
8. Have a designer in mind for 8,
9. Registered for gifts
10. Signed up @ Martha Stewart weddings (have a great auto budget tool)
11. Started painting my cake toppers.

Yes, I've been a busy girl. Shawn, on the other hand, well, let's just say i keep him informed. He's not to party planning savvy. Neither are my friends fiances. This is about the time where I need a gay man in my life.