Saturday, July 24, 2010

The magnets are here!

The magnets accompanying the invitations arrived yesterday! So we bought photo corners, a stamp, and will be sending them out very soon! Need to buy postage.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A dream wedding

  I was checking my email when mail from Martha caught my eye. It was a link to some "real weddings," and there was one in Crawford, Ga. I don't know much about this town other than it is very small, but I was curious. What could this tiny ton have to offer readers at Martha Stewart?

Only the coolest, earth friendly, wedding put together by a community of artists.....and not only was it artfully done, it was familiar. Which is why I loved it. I wonder if I have ever met this couple?

Introducing the story of Kristen and Josh:

Who served Boiled Peanuts,
Strawberry Skewers,
Vegan Cakes from the Grit!,
 (look at that perfect little Ga peach)
The grew their flowers and had packaged lavender for a little toss....
Had their pottery made by R. Wood Studios,
and had Claire Campbell sing...
They had picnic style seating for the reception and even her dress was made by a friend.

It was so cute and makes me wish I lived in more of an artist community such as this.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Things I've learned about gardening.

1. Milky sap on freshly cut lettuce is normal.
2. Green beans, unless grown in at least 20 plants or more, or in a bush are useless.
3. Spinach and dill don't really like too much sun.
4. You can compost hair, nails, eggshells, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls.

My first 'mater.

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Etsy Letters & Drawings & Toadstools.

Designer Lindsay of Letters by Lindsay makes custom flip flops, pins, and ribbons for the bride to be or the whole bridal party.  I've got these cutesy awesome buttons she custom made for Shawn and me, and I am no doubt gonna wear my L <3's S at our reception! Check it out:
 I love the idea of artisan elements for a special occasion. It means so much more, eh? And its more personalized. I've been a fan of Lindsay's designs and art for years, ooohing and ahhhing over her projects in college.

Want more?

She's even got bebe items! Visit her Etsy shop here.

Meg Hamilton sketches your gown, turning it into frame able art. She's got the training and the talent that makes you feel as if your dress was a custom designed for you. It's got that dress designer sketch quality. As my sis's matron of honor, I'm thinking of giving her one of these. (Surprise Grace!). They are absolutely gorgeous.
Just look:
Here's her Etsy shop.

And Toadstools just because they are cute, edible, chocolate, and cute. CUTE!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fuun wid frens.

Stuff we like to do. People we like to see.

Go to free music events. With Lauren, especially.

Find the specials.
Perplex our friends.

Sit on the Bull.

Use eye protection. With Erin, especially.

Make lemon twists.  They have a special tool for this, but who really needs that?
Make a Basil-Mint lemonade. Blanching the herbs is a must.
Recipe here.

More things in the works:

1. Magnets ordered for invitation (sort of like a save the date invitation. everyone invited gets a keepsake with custom designed photo of us). Expected arrival date is July 28.

2. Have idea for tablescapes. Photo to come as soon as I set one up.

3. Invitations designed.Paper bought.

4. Return address stamp arrived in the mail last week.

5. Money promised from Mommy!

Is that it? I thought I had more done!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Dreaming...

 Yesterday we had our morning coffee to go, and had breakfast at Cafe Carolina in the Friendly Center. Then I made Shawn go into Schiffman's Jewelers where I tried in Hearts of Fire diamond rings and David Yurman stone rings. He looked at some Rolexs' and some Omegas.

The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning with my Hubbs

Friday, July 9, 2010

Reception Vs. Vow Renewal?

 Lately I've been on the forums to figure out the etiquette for a vow renewal. I thought this might be a possibility for our reception. I found out some pretty good points on the subject on the I do Take Two's website, specializing in topics such as vow renewals and second marriages.

So basically, we will not be renewing our vows. They are already new! The reception is held a within a year after the wedding, so it is still considered a wedding reception. Renewing our vows at this point would be silly, showy, and utterly useless, especially since the fluff is what I did not want in the first place*.

Instead, we are CELEBRATING! Since we didn't have a reception, we didn't get a chance to party with ALL of you! I was worried that I needed to give our guests something to see, something a bit on the formal side, assuring that they would arrive in time and not roll up late, thinking they are going to just a "party." We will be introduced, have some readings, maybe a video of our wedding pictures (which are hilarious, by the way) and then proceed to celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music! Another spoiler: Shawn's learning one pf my fave Tom Petty song to play and he is practicing his breakdancing. Let's hope he doesn't break anything in the process. And, I am working round the clock on decor and have a signature adult beverage to be featured.

...Because marriage is not about the wedding day, but the day after, and the day after that....(got that off of!! golden!)

It makes me really relieved to verify things with etiquette experts.

Just remember:
Your wedding day, the day you exchanged your vows, is your wedding day. I had a friend actually tell me, she didn't think my wedding was a real wedding since I didn't do the traditional ceremonies. I thought it was rude at the time she said it but me personal etiquette would not let me call her out. I mean, we got married by a Baptist minister in a church and we had a marriage license! The nerve! Sure there were nine people there including us, and it was nine in the morning on a Friday, but we made the deal of a lifetime.....

*but, hey, if you want the fluff, you should have it! I've worked hard to give my friends and my sis the fluffiest, most fun wedding day they've ever dreamed of. I'm not against it the least bit, but I like it mostly when other people do it. I am a bit demure when it comes to traditional hoopla for myself, but am totes by the book when it comes to my friends!