Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still got it!

  We try to do something new everyday. I like routine, but Shawn hates it. Or so he says so he can leave his shi** everywhere.
I think I hear angels sing.

Yesterday after the pool we hit up Sawgrass Mills for some window shopping. Window only because I'm practicing hard at my willpower. We did check out AX and got a free undie from Victoria's Secret. Shawn stopped at every sunglasses shop in his search for the perfect polarized pair. He made the associates laugh with his CSI impressions.

I located the Prada, but did not go in. I needs to be ready. So I will continue to dream about it and watch the Spring  runway show over and over. Then maybe I'll have saved up for a new bag by then.

After our P.F. Changs take out on our patio, we headed to Bonefish for a one drink that turned into five. We could walk there, its so close. But we didn't because Shawn wanted to save five minutes. Five minutes more that we could be cajoled in to going in to the bracelet making business, talk day trading and golf, and other random things that come out of these barflys' mouths. I think they like the Hubbs' accent. We got two phone numbers for things like maid services and golf.
Still got it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time on my hands

 Yes. I have a job. But I don't start until June. Feeling a bit house-wifey. So I made this and put it on our reception detail page. I believe today was a good day for re-arranging the furniture and doing some window shopping. Prada, here we come!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The first week

  We've packed in the activities this week. Learning where things are, like restaurants, bars, Publix, Aldi, the gas stations, and the bank were essential. I put up the Broward county map on the wall and marked these places with push pins and tiny flags. We've managed to go to the beach twice, happy hour once, go to a Marlins game, and have bottle service at Mansion, all in a week. The last part sounds a bit out of character  for little 'ole us, but we have to do our research for our impending visitors. Right? Maybe? When in Rome?

I did, however, snap some pretty cool action shots of the game:

A fly ball landed two seats beside me. I screamed and tried to run.
Baseball has dance teams. Did you know?

This guy has a badass arm.
 It actually feels like we've been here longer, until I look around and the mess of boxes we still have to organize and discard.

Now I just wanna lay low and recover. Be the homebody that I truly am at heart. After the night we had last night, I should have been in bed all day. No, I had brownies to bake and a patio garden to plant.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everything in Seafoam

  Since we painted our bathroom I've become obsessed with this color. I've never been fan a beach dec√≥r because I though it always had to involve shells and wicker. I can totally get into seafoam and white, though for our future beachy home. Right now all of our furniture is mis-matched since they were my woodworking projects, so I'm going to start this seafoam thing on a smaller scale:

  1.  Makarska Votives
  2. My cute house key from Home Depot
  3. Baby Bloomers (ok, we don't have kids, but I'd buy these and save them for a few years. normal, right?)
  4.  Nixon Watch

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recap: Celebrations and Farewells

      We are Floridians, though I'm not sure in which city we live. I think it's Plantation, but I have already sent all our necessary business to Sunrise. I really hope the postal carrier has half a brain.

The past week and a half has been hectic, celebratory, hopeful, and stressful. There were some tears. Joyful tears and stressed tears. If I ever see a car carrying Budget truck in front of me on the highway again I will have nightmares.

One thing is for sure: we will hire movers next time. I'll save up for it if we have to. Our next move will be pretty local and hopefully less than a year. The Bull needs a yard a playmate. I won't even have to pack my underwear. Someone will do that for me. In fact, I 'd like to hire someone to make me lunch right now.

 The move went well, and only one Hello Kitty plate broke. So Good-bye Kitty. Survival of the fittest. Our condo is a disaster. It was more of a disaster on the first day, but we've since painted the terra cotta wall in the bathroom. He wanted a Carolina blue and I wanted Tiffany. We compromised with a nice seafoam. We did some touch-ups. Had a maintenance man stop by to verify we needed a new washer. Nice welcome, huh?

But enough with that until I can show you how it turns out.

Instead I'll show you a recap of the last week, including a Cinco de Mayo graduation party at Bin 33, our going away party hosted by Erin, Matt & Meg,  the after party at Snackbar (I'm still waiting for my food), and a farewell at my work.
Good-bye, Greensboro

 Seriously, WHERE is our food???
 Farewell at the "office:"

Thanks for the good times, friends!