Sunday, June 26, 2011

From our garden: Elderflower mojitos

from Ikea, $4.49
   Recipe for yum:
       Fill a highball with ice,
       add 1 1/2 oz. of white rum
       squeeze two lime wedges and drop in
       Tear 6 mint leaves into bits and drop in
        add 1 oz. of Ikea Elderflower syrup
        Top glass with a shaker tin, or pint glass & shake
        Top off highball with soda

The most refreshing beach drink I could ever imagine. It's light and
fresh, and not too fruity.  Two of them and I am a happy beach bum.  Except in my case I substitute highball for plastic cup and bendy straw. So much better that sipping beer in a bikini. Yeech!

Helpful hint for beach:
Freeze the mint into ice cubes

Good news, too: mint grows like a weed and thrives in the full sun and "rainy season" conditions of our patio.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Happy Father's day

85lb. lapdog
Bully made his papa proud today. He wanted to make his dad breakfast for father's day, and asked me to help out. We strapped on his apron, and make some thick and delicious Belgian waffles with walnuts and blueberries. Mmmm, with boiled eggs and turkey bacon on the side, Shawn was a happy pops.

Shawn has been the best papa that Bully could have ever had. I remember when we first brought the monster to our home, from my parents home in Atlanta, Bully was a nervous and wily dog. Shawn was uneasy about him at first. Over the past few years, our love and discipline and turned him into an obedient and gentle giant. Shawn takes care of his needs in a way that makes me gooey on the insides. I'm sure he'll be the best father he can be to little Shawlani. 

Just look at them together:

 I love these dudes!
And Happy Father's day to my own daddy:

 I don't see him often, because he lives in the Philippines now. But without him, I wouldn't be here!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to meet people

Young couples, young at heart couples, singles, or anyone legal: here's how to meet people if in new place. Or if you just want to meet new people. 

  • Sit at the bar. I hate waiting for tables, anyway. At least at the bar you get instant service. Maybe some free drinks. A couple of business cards. Digits. Apparently, we sat next to Dave Grohl's cousin at our local Mexican place last Saturday. 
  • Find a sports team for whom to cheer. I just wait till playoff season. Yes, I'm one of those.
  • Walk a dog. People can be stone cold until they see your dog at the end of a leash. By people, I mean, me. I figure dog people are worth the smile.
  • Walk an interesting looking dog. People stop me ALL THE TIME asking, "Is that a wolf?" Say yes, and the conversation can go either way.
  • Go shopping in a mall where no one speaks English, and make friends with the store associates. They especially appreciate celebrity impressions.
  • Catch someone else's frisbee.  Everyone's strangely ok with this. Especially on the beach.
  • Just hang outside. If you have a porch, stoop, patio, or front door, stand outside for a while. You'll strike up a conversation with someone eventually. Maybe the cops. 
  • Share friends. Take your spouse's co-workers. In case he doesn't want to see Bridesmaids.
  • Pay someone, like your gym trainer. You will get their full attention for at least 30 minutes a week.
These worked for us. Or, I dunno, maybe we annoyed everyone we've met so far. Like I said, can go either way.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!


    Today my mom celebrates her birthday in Houston, Texas. She is living the good life there with her sister. She made Houston her home last month.  I gather they go on lots of leisurely walks and pick fruit from trees in the backyard. Sounds good to me.

 Today also marks the one month anniversary of the Hubbs & I relocating to the sunshine state. I'd tell you what all we've accomplished in a month  but I'm not gonna steal my mom's thunder.

Love you MOM! Hope you love the flowers!

I will tell you that when I visit her, I am totally visiting the new BHLDN store.
from (here)
You know, I like their jewelry.

(Hubbs:"You looking at wedding stuff again?")

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our definition of Home

Build a photobooth, we will come. May '11, after  a crazy 12 hours on the beach.
     A few days ago, my mom moved to Houston, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia. It's a funny feeling to not have a reason to occasionally visit the city where I was born and raised. Over the past four years, I'd escape to Atlanta for some R&R. A visit to mom meant I'd eat good food, do some good shopping, and stock up on shampoo. I still called Atlanta "home," because that's where mommy was.
   Now that I'm an adult (how did that happen?) and married, my definition of home has to change. To be fair, I haven't really lived in Atlanta for about 11 years. Greensboro felt temporary. Every day Shawn and I look around us we ask ourselves, "how did we get there?" It honestly feels like vacation, but its home. To me, home is where my Hubby is. And Bully. Now, can I get a million dollars so we can buy a Victoria Park home?

With our stuff.
  On the way to Florida we pick up my mom's breakfront and dining room table. These things are probably over 40 years old and solidly built. I'm glad that I can have them in my possession and little Shawlani willl grow up looking at the plates and opening the drawers. Just like I did.

I kept a couple of Atlanta plates. My parents used to sell these at our Underground Atlanta store, before I was born. I get a kick out of the pics of the Omni, Fulton County Stadium, and the Scream Machine. Oooooold school.

Have the best time in Houston, Mommy!