Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding ring tattoos, 2

   Now that our ring fingers had a couple days to heal, this is what they look like:

His looks a bit barbaric, and totally manly. He loves it, and I'm a little jealous that I went first.

 I do love mine. I have even gotten used to just having the tattoo on the left hand while I wear my jewelry on the right while it totally heals. When I first picked out my rings, I kept them small and low because I envisioned working with my hands a lot. I did woodworking and art, so I didn't want anything that would get in the way of a bandsaw blade. Silly, isn't it? However, I do know people who don't wear rings at all or wear simple bands. Some work in the medical field, some are artists. We take ours off before we go to the beach, and before lifting weights. I imagine the practicality of tattoos if you have to get your hands dirty and wash them often.

I love that it fits perfectly under my bands.
And most of all, I love my husband.

We got these done at Bulldog Tattoo on  Fort Lauderdale Beach by the ice cream shop. This is the location behind Primanti Bros. Ask for "G, " as we like his work and don't have any other experience with anyone else there. My hubby's tat is in their book!

Bulldog Tattoo 
3132 NE 9th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ring Tattoos

Last night we went out for a drink or two to McSorleys. Heard about the place but never been. There was a crowd of about 10 people there which made it a good night to try out a new place. We met Kim Bokamper, to whom I said, "I really enjoy your establishment." Lame, maybe, he seemed to like hearing that.

 After a nice stroll around the block we headed back to the car. I mentioned that we still time left on the meter. We spotted Bulldog tattoo across the street, and I asked him,

"Wanna get a tattoo?"
"Sure, let's go!"

I was totally down for it, as I've mentioned wanting a ring tattoo. I asked him twice if he was sure.

So we did it!
Here is his, mine is still a little puffy. I'll post pics later.

Our idea behind the  finger ink is that this ring really is permanent. When we die, we are not bringing jewelry with us. Instead, we'll hand it down to our children. We still want a "ring," on our bodies, to take with us to the afterlife. Shawn said the word "casket" so many times last night the tattoo artist got freaked out a bit. I think it's romantic, wearing a ring under our rings. Also, when we work out or go to the beach, we take them off, but the ink will stay!

It was kind of surreal to get a tat on such a whim, and I was like, did we really do that? When my finger hurt this morning, I remembered and did not regret. It's kind of cool having a matching tattoo with my best friend.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventures in Kansas City

   Going to a new city and acting like a tourist with the one you love is so romantic and adventurous. It tops a cruise any day. Maps, busy streets, landmarks; they're all so exciting. Goofy photo shoots are exciting, too! Check out our adventures from "the Paris of the Plains."

There are fountains a plenty in the Plaza:
 Hubbs' iPhone takes superior pics. I became obssessed  and "checked-in" everywhere.
 A prarie squirrel.
 The Plaza is the nation's oldest outdoor shopping and dining center. The architecture is borrowed from Sevilla, Spain. I've been there, and yes, it was quite similar.

Beautiful skyline. Then, I spotted a Topsy's, a candy and popcorn store, and had to go in.

 Historic Brazilian Currascurria, oooh must be circa 1610!
 Home to Hallmark, H&R Block, and AMC theaters.
 A bridge over A river where you can ride a Gondola!
 We ended up behind bars.
Then we got free, so we celebrated with cupcakes.

 The redvelvet and the gold digger from here. We checked them out after dinner, but were stuffed. We took a stroll and came back a hour later only to find the Mamma Mia sold out! But all was well, she gave me one for free! The next day we walked around Crowne Center (as in Hallmark Crowne).
 Lunched outdoors, then checked out a craft market of Hallmark artists, a Hallmarket? A talented bunch!
 Where should we go next?  We are thinking Washington, D.C.

Since I think we'll be here for Thanksgiving and Chrismas, maybe Disneyworld?

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of Lindsay & Donavan

    (Disclaimer: This is really my story, or their story as I saw it. Since it is my blog, and all! Here is their story in their own words:
   I met Lindsay at Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, Ga. We were eleven. I thought she was pretty cool, as she was in an equivalent smart "team" with all the other cool kids. She had great bangs, too. I was really self conscious of my bangs because I had cut them myself right before the first day of school. Way too short. Anyway, somehow Lindsay and I started to become friendly. I think we had mutual friends and liked each other's shirts. Later, Lindsay told me she thought I was cool because I always had lots of candy (Kids remember this, candy=cool). We both have a huge sweet tooth, though hers may be stronger than mine.
    Throughout middle school, and high school, I realized Lindsay was smart, sensitive, and super talented. She always had her stuff together. We ended up transferring to UGA and reconnected there. Even lived in the same house for a summer. That's where I fully understood her love of Daschounds.
  After college, she eventually moved to Kansas City for Hallmark. We shared hand written letters. She started dating Donavan. They dated long distance! I met him at our friend's wedding in Athens, where she met Shawn. Our first impressions were that each other man was quiet. Time went on, and I saw they were having so much fun. They came back our way for our reception. Donavan's subtle sense of humor became evident, and he was obviously sweet on Lindsay. I could also tell something big might happen in their future....and he asked her to marry him later that year!

What a perfect day!

They played the Beetles! In My Life is one of my favorites.
Her adorable nephew and niece, the ring bearer and flower girl:

 Here they come:
  Happy Guests!!

 The Happy Couple, cute, eh?
Personal touches everywhere! The details:
Congrats Lindsay & Donavan! Enjoy forever with your best friend!
                                              Leilani and Shawn